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January 2015

God knows where the morning went – I think a large proportion of it was spent trying to do something on the Internet. The Internet connection is still marginal at best, making even the simple task of opening and replying to emails painstaking. By lunchtime the battle with the World Wide Web was taking its toll on my sanity – it was waging a war of attrition, my economy fast depleting. I decided to go for a run – burn away some of the stress. I’ve run up

It’s a winding road, the one from Senaru to Sembalun. I wouldn’t say is dangerous, but you definitely have to keep your wits about you – it’s narrow in parts, and there’s often random road works with non-existent warning signs on the approach. Cars and small trucks can take up 80% of the road, which makes cornering a bit of a lottery. I’d decided to take my friend to see a new place, and to speak to some of the local guides in the Sembalun area. The place

I came to Mataram for some shopping. Stupidly I forgot most of the shops are shut on Sunday. As I’d never been to Narmada Park, I decided to hop in a cab and take a look. A very brief history! Situated roughly 10km from Mataram in the village of Lembuak, West Lombok, Narmada Park is the legacy of a King. King Anak Agung Gede Ngurah of Mataram built Narmada in 1727 as a place of offering and ceremony, specifically for the Hindu ceremony of Pekelem, which is held at the

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