8th January – Mangku Sakti Waterfall

It’s a winding road, the one from Senaru to Sembalun. I wouldn’t say is dangerous, but you definitely have to keep your wits about you – it’s narrow in parts, and there’s often random road works with non-existent warning signs on the approach. Cars and small trucks can take up 80% of the road, which makes cornering a bit of a lottery. I’d decided to take my friend to see a new place, and to speak to some of the local guides in the Sembalun area. The place we were heading to was Mangku Sakti – a waterfall near Sembalun.

Magku Sakti Sign

We started at the office of the Papar Sekretariat, in Sajang Village. It was here we met with our local guide, and registered our names. From the office it’s a further 3km (approx) by car or motorbike. The track is not good – there are some steep sections with loose stones and mud, which makes it a bit dangerous. When you reach the car park, it is a 20-30 minute walk to reach the river and magnificent Mangku Sakti waterfall.

Mangku Sakti


The waterfall is beautiful, but for me the most impressive thing was the Gaudiesque rock formations in the gorge. The river runs down from Lake Segara Anak (Mt Rinjani), and the water has a white, milk-like quality to it.


Mangku Sakti Waterfall


The pool under the waterfall was not deep – the recent rains having filled it with sediment from the mountain. On the way to take a dip, this wonderfully coloured millipede crossed my path, before disappearing down a hole!



Mangku Sakti


Mangku Sakti

Mangku Sakti is not as well known and frequently visited as some of the other waterfalls on Lombok, as it is slightly harder to reach. Still, like seemingly everywhere in the world nowadays, evidence of human presence exists. There was not copious amounts of rubbish, but enough to disappoint – the occasional wrapper or plastic bottle littering the path through the jungle on the way to the river. I don’t know how people can be so damned lazy or selfish, as to dump their waste with such complete disregard and lack of awareness. Whether it is a lack of education, or a lack of environmental / social conscience, I don’t know. What I do know is that it starts at an early age, and becomes a habit – a subconscious act. Thankfully some people do care, and a movement to go into schools and educate the young is happening already. Our guide, Indrawan, is one such person. Having taken a bag with him for the purpose, he set about collecting litter whilst Natalya and I swam and explored the gorge. On the way back we helped him fill his bag, collecting litter from the path on the way back to the car park.

Collecting rubbish with Indrawan

Collecting rubbish with Indrawan

Transport / Day-trip to Mangku Sakti

Rinjani Dawn Adventures can organise a day-trip to this waterfall, and local guiding. Please enquire via our contact page for a quote. It would perhaps work best if you were already staying in Senaru or north Lombok, as it takes some time to reach (especially if you were coming from Bangsal Harbour or Sengiggi).

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