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Adventure Travel Blog

Rinjani Dawn Adventures adventure travel blog contains the latest information about Mount Rinjani. It also has guest posts from mountaineers and fitness experts, that will help you prepare for your Mount Rinajni trek.

Lombok Adventure Travel Blog

The Lombok Adventure Travel Blog contains insider tips for exploring Lombok and climbing Mount Rinjani. In this section you will find fitness and equipment advice, a Mount Rinjani packing guide, travel and accommodation recommendations, and much more. The blog is complimented by out YouTube channel, where we show our latest adventure footage, as well as our Facebook and Instagram channels.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Articles

We have a very informative section about Mount Rinjani on a dedicated page here. Our blog articles include up-to-date information about Gunung Rinjani National Park, special events / offers, and general mountaineering advice

Mountain Fitness & Training Tips

We have a website page and playlist on our YouTube channel dedicated to our Rinjani Fitness Guide, so this part of the blog is mainly concerned with training ideas, nutrition and mountain skills. Angus, the owner of Rinjani Dawn Adventures, has a passion for health and fitness, in particular trail-running. So you’ll find the odd post or two on these topics here.

Recommended Lombok Hotels, Villas & Guesthouses

Although we’re based in the north of Lombok, we’ve been travelling around the island for many years now, so thought we’d start sharing some accommodation recommendations. Very soon you will find some blog posts about some of our favourite places to stay and restaurants to eat at.

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