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Lombok Explorer

Our Lombok Explorer Package combines exploring the natural and cultural wonders of Senaru Village with climbing and camping on Pergasingan Hill in the afternoon. Lombok Explorer is our signature sightseeing and camping package, allowing travellers to experience authentic Lombok at its very best!

Lombok Explorer

190USD per person
1 Day / 1 Night
Pergasingan Hill

Our Lombok Explorer Adventure Package combines exploring the natural and cultural wonders of Senaru Village with climbing and camping on Pergasingan Hill. Lombok Explorer is our most popular package for people wishing to explore some of North Lombok’s famous sites, including Sendang Gila & Tui Kelep waterfalls and Pergasingan Hill. It is not as arduous as our Mount Rinani packages, but offers spectacular views and an authentic experience of Lombok.


Senaru Village:

Senaru village is famous for many things. Nestled on the slopes of Mt Rinjani, it is one of two main entrance points to Gunung Rinjani National Park (which was recently awarded UNESCO geopark status). Until around 30 years ago it was fairly isolated, which meant Senaru preserved much of its traditional Sasak culture and unique religion. The Sasak people of Senaru in North Lombok still practise Wetu Telu, a blend of animism, ancestor worship and Islam, with some Hindu traditions. Senaru is also famous for its stunning rice terraces and intricate irrigation system, that utilises water running off Mt Rinjani’s Lake Segara Anak to nourish the many fields below. And then there are the waterfalls, the most popular being Sendang Gile and Tui Kelep. These are some of the most admired and photographed waterfalls on the island, drawing tourists from afar to bathe in the fresh mineral water.


The first half of the Lombok Explorer package is devoted to exploring Senaru’s sites, including Senaru traditional village, Sendang Gile and Tui Kelep waterfalls, local jungle coffee gardens and the rice fields. After you have spent time at these amazing places you will return to our office to eat some traditional Indonesian food at our small restaurant.


Pergasingan Hill:

Pergasingan hill is famous for the beautiful multi-coloured fields that spread across the flat-bottomed valley beneath. It has grown in prominence in recent years due to featuring in travel magazines and countless Instagram posts. Bukit Pergasingan overlooks the village of Sembalun in East Lombok (the other start-point for climbing Mt Rinjani). It takes approximately one hour to travel to Sembalun from Senaru, and between 1.5- 2 hours to climb the hill, depending on fitness level.


The second half of the Lombok Explorer adventure package involves travelling to Sembalun and climbing Pergasingan Hill. The trail is steep to begin with, but once you reach the ridgeline it gets a bit easier. In any case, the effort is worth it for the spectacular panoramic views. When you reach the top your guides and porters will start making camp and cooking. You will be free to walk around and take photos / selfies, have some tea and coffee, and watch the sunset. In the evening you will have a hot meal next to a campfire, and watch the night sky come alive with stars. The following day you will walk down from the hill, before returning to Senaru and your onward location.

* Price is based on 2 people minimum. If a solo traveler / private tour, the cost will be higher. If you are booking for more than 2 people, we can give you a discounted rate. If you have your own transport, or are in Senaru, we can give you a discounted price (as transport accounts for most of our costs). Please send an enquiry if you have any questions, we will be delighted to help you in any way we can.

* Please note that although the displayed price is in USD, our tours are invoiced in Indonesian Rupiah. The reason we list our tours in USD is to make it easier for customers to understand the price. The price of this package is 3,100,000 IDR per person.

Inspirock Trip Planner

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  • Departure/Return Location
    Rinjani Dawn Adventures office in Senaru.
  • Departure Time
    7am start, we will depart following a light breakfast.
  • Return Time
    Approximately 11.30am on Day 2.
  • What guests should bring
    Day-Pack, sunscreen, insect repellent, hat, camera, trainers or walking shoes, toiletries, change of clothes (shorts, t-shirt + socks should suffice), swimming gear + towel, personal medication if required, torch/headlamp. *Please refer to our Equipment List & Packing Guide for more detail.
  • Included
    Bottled water, Tea & Coffee
    Camping Equipment
    Entrance fee
    Loan jackets/gloves/beanies (subject to availability)
    Luggage Storage
    Meals & Snacks
    Tour Guide & Porter/s
    Transport to and from departure/return point in Zone 1 (refer to travel zones for alternative regions/costs)
    Trekking Poles
  • Not Included
    Free RDA Buff
    Lunch at Cafe Rinjani Dawn
    Senaru Waterfalls: Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep
    Tour guide
    Transport to and from departure/return point outside of Zone 1 (refer to travel zones for alternative regions/costs)
    Travel Insurance
    Visit to Sendang Gile waterfall in Senaru

Tour Plan


Day 1

Senaru (Approx. hiking time 4hrs)

Senaru is one of Indonesia’s most beautiful places, it’s certainly a “hidden-gem” that’s set to become “the next Ubud” when Lombok’s airport expands and people realise all it has to offer! With lush jungle and Mt. Rinjani’s striking backdrop, the stunning waterfalls of Tui Kelep and Sendang Gile, and terraced rice fields that seem drop down into the ocean. What more could an intrepid traveller wish for? Senaru is famous for being one of two official starting-points for climbing Mt. Rinjani. It is home to the unique Sasak culture and Wetu Telu religion (a blend of Islam and animism). Senaru is also famous for its jungle gardens, and the sustainable harvesting of Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world. At 600m elevation it is slightly cooler than the Gili Isles, Kuta or Sengiggi, but don’t worry, it’s pleasantly warm all year round.

Senaru Sightseeing (first half of the day)

Jungle Garden

On arrival at our office in Senaru you will be met by your guide. After a fresh coffee and light breakfast, you will begin your tour by visiting a jungle garden. Here you will learn how locals grow organic coffee, cacao, vanilla, mangoes, and other crops. Being in the jungle, you can expect to see native wildlife including monkeys and tropical birds. The paths to the coffee gardens are well maintained, and your tour guide will lead you safely around. If your guide manages to find any Kopi Luwak on the jungle floor you are welcome to try it later in the day.

Senaru Traditional Village

Following on from the jungle garden you will visit Senaru Traditional Village. Dating back hundreds of years, the village offers a unique glimpse into authentic Lombok life. Although tourists can enter and see how people live, this is very much a working village. You will learn about Lombok’s Sasak culture, as well as the Wetu Telu religion that is still practised in this region.

Senaru Trekking (Panorama Trek)

After you have visited Senaru Traditional Village you will continue your tour by descending down the hill through forest and small hamlets towards the rice fields. Like many places in Asia, rice cultivation is a way of life for many villagers. It is also an artform, with the contouring rice terraces and intricate irrigation systems presenting beautiful landscape scenes. Senaru and the wider area of Bayan has beautiful rice terracing, irrigated using the fresh mountain water of Mt Rinjani. During this part of your trip your tour guide will explain how rice is cultivated, and how the local people work the land.

Senaru Waterfalls – Sendang Gile and Tui Kelep

Senaru is home to two of Lombok’s most beautiful waterfalls, Sendang Gile and Tui Kelep. Carrying on from the Panorama walk, you will follow an irrigation channel as it contours around the hillside. Eventually you will hear a mighty crash of water through lush jungle, before seeing the first waterfall on the tour - Sendang Gile. Here we can stop to admire the view, take photographs, and shower under the waterfall should you wish! If you are hungry by this time you can also stop to have a snack or picnic lunch. From Sendang Gile waterfall it takes 30-40 minutes to reach Tui Kelep waterfall. For most of the way the route is a well-maintained path, but towards the end you will be expected to cross a stream in two places (the water is generally knee to thigh deep, and not fast-flowing – your guide will assist you in crossing). Walking on a path adjacent to the river, the steep sided valley walls suddenly open-up and you’ll find yourself looking at the stunning Tui Kelep waterfall. Tui Kelep is an excellent place to bathe and have a picnic. It’s even possible to stand behind the Tui Kelep waterfall in a shallow cave! Sendang Gile and Tui Kelep waterfalls are very special places, and make for an excellent adventure. They are also great places to take beautiful photographs with friends and loved-ones (especially if you are enjoying a Lombok honeymoon!)

Pergasingan Hill Trekking (second half of the day)

After you have explored Senaru and two of Lombok’s finest waterfalls it will be time to embark on the next stage of the tour. From Senaru you will be driven to the starting-point of the trek, a journey of approximately 60 minutes. “Bukit” means hill in Bahasar Indonesia, so “Bukit Pergasingan” translates as “Pergasingan Hill”. We aim to start this part of your Lombok tour at midday, which will enable you to reach the campsite before sunset. Climbing the hill takes approximately 4 hours, depending on your fitness level and how often you stop to take pictures of the stunning scenery. Your guide and porters will be carrying all of the camping and cooking equipment, so all you need is an overnight bag and personal effects. Once at the campsite, your tour guide and porters will set-up camp and start cooking dinner. You will be free to wander around and admire the stunning scenery, no doubt taking pictures and relaxing after a busy day! Pergasingan Hill overlooks Sembalun village and mount Rinjani. Sembalun sits in a flat-bottomed valley, and is surrounded by hills. As the area is very fertile, tapestry like fields stretch-out from Sembalun village to the hills. Eagles often soar above, hunting for quarry. After some delicious food and hot drinks, you may wish to stargaze. Due there being very little light pollution in the area, making this an excellent place to admire the Milky Way and countless stars above.

Day 2

Pergasingan Hill Trekking (returning to Senaru) (Approx. hiking time 3hrs)

Waking to watch sunrise, and see the wisp-like pockets of mist slowly burn-off from the fields far below is a wonderful start to the day. Your tour guide and porters will prepare a hot breakfast and fresh coffee, before packing up the tents and preparing to descend back down to Sembalun. Once down we will have our driver return you to our office in Senaru, or to an onward destination if pre-arranged.

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