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Mount Rinjani 3 Day / 2 Night Summit & Lake

There are countless reasons to love Lombok. From the perfect waves and serene beaches in the South, to the coral waters and laid-back vibe of the Gili Islands. Wherever you are on the island, Mt. Rinjani dominates the skyline.

Mount Rinjani 3 Day / 2 Night Summit & Lake

$230 per person
3 Days 2 Nights
Mt Rinjani
Thermal Springs

The Mount Rinjani 3 day / 2 night Summit & Lake package follows a trail through the magnificent Gunung Rinjani National Park (a UNESCO validated Geopark), that culminates on the summit (12,224ft / 3726m). The route can run in two directions, starting in either Senaru or Sembalun. Unlike the 2 day / 1 night package, the trail descends into Mt Rinjani’s massive caldera, zig-zagging down to lake Segara Anak and the soothing thermal springs. This provides a fantastic scene and a unique experience. You can swim in the lake, marvel at the active volcano sitting across the water, and rejuvenate your body in the mineral rich hot springs. The Mount Rinjani 3 day / 2 night trek is the package we recommend most to avid hikers/alpinists, as it provides the most well-rounded experience of the National Park.

“A life changing experience!”

This is how our first ever customer described this epic three-day adventure and this sentiment has since been repeated many times (for more reviews please visit our TripAdvisor page here). What makes it so? Why does climbing Rinjani have such a profound impact on so many people from around the world? These things are always hard to define and words rarely do justice, but we suppose the main components would be the following: Climbing a mountain represents a genuine challenge, something that requires effort and perseverance as opposed to mere attendance. There are highs and lows, moments of doubt and frustration, thoughts like “When will this damn hill end?” and “Gosh I’m tired” will be on repeat at times! Re-connecting with nature and having a break from “the outside world” can be a very beneficial, revitalising both the body and mind. An experience that offers a fresh perspective on life. Last but not least, going on a daring adventure with a group of loved ones or strangers is a fabulous bonding experience. Three intense days climbing a mountain can result in such an incredible sense of accomplishment and often gift many precious memories and friendships that last a lifetime.

Why choose us?

There are many companies offering trekking on Mt Rinjani, some are experienced and professional, others not so. When we started Rinjani Dawn Adventures we founded it on principles of sustainability and customer service. We focused on the experience we ourselves would like to have, created tours that meet the needs of our diverse range of customers. We understand that for many people this might be the first mountain you have ever climbed, it can be daunting and without the right guide, equipment, nutrition and support it can be unsafe. We have small groups, and a high ratio of guide/s and porters to customers. We have the best equipment on the mountain and the best safety record. As well as safety and professionalism, we also pride ourselves on being a socially and environmentally conscious operator. During the 2018 earthquakes we deployed all our resources to help our community: building a logistics and aid post, supplying food and water to the village of Senaru, providing a vehicle for use as an ambulance, plus building material, labour and much much more. We have an ongoing commitment to our local village and are dedicated to providing valuable income and support to our porters and guides.

Transport and Lodging – Before the Trek

We include transport (pick-up and drop-off) from hotels in North Lombok. If you are staying on mainland Lombok (not the Gili’s) we can arrange to pick you up early on the morning of the trek. If you are staying on the Gilis the night before the trek, you will have to arrange a private speedboat to take you to the mainland (Bangsal Harbour) early enough for us to collect you. transport to Senaru can be changed to the day before, should you wish to spend the night in Senaru before the trek.


Inspirock Trip Planner

6 Reviews
  • Departure/Return Location
    Rinjani Dawn Adventures office, Senaru.
  • Departure Time
    Itinerary 1 from Senaru (approx. 8am trek start) Itinerary 2 from Sembalun (6am).
  • Return Time
    Itinerary 1 (approx. 4pm) and Itinerary 2 (approx. 3pm) depending on group fitness levels.
  • What guests should bring
    Please refer to our equipment list and packing guide. As the porters and guides carry the camping and cooking equipment, you should be able to carry everything you personally need in a 30-40L day-pack.
  • Included
    Bottled water, Tea & Coffee
    Camping Equipment
    Entrance fee
    Loan jackets/gloves/beanies (subject to availability)
    Luggage Storage
    Meals & Snacks
    Tour Guide & Porter/s
    Transport to and from departure/return point in Zone 1 (refer to travel zones for alternative regions/costs)
    Trekking Poles
  • Not Included
    1 night basic accommodation (pre-trek)
    Free RDA Buff
    Tour guide
    Transport to and from departure/return point outside of Zone 1 (refer to travel zones for alternative regions/costs)
    Travel Insurance
    Visit to Sendang Gile waterfall in Senaru

Tour Plan


Route 1: Option 1 Itinerary: Start in Senaru & finish in Sembalun. Summit on final day (3)

Day 1 - Senaru > Senaru Crater Rim

(Approximately 7 hours walking; 2040m ascent or AMSL = Above Mean Sea Level (altitude / elevation))
  • 7:30am – Briefing by guide and equipment issue at the RDA office, Senaru. We will have sent you an equipment list and packing guide when you made your booking. Where possible you will be able to borrow things such as hiking poles, ponchos, jackets and gloves.
  • 8:15am –Registration at RTC Senaru (Rinjani Trek Centre). We pay the TNGR entrance fee, but you are required to sign the visitors log book.
  • 8:30am – Commence the summit trek from the start-point in Senaru village (601m AMSL).
  • Walk for approximately 1 hour. Arrive at Pos 1 “Bunut Ngengkang” (750m AMSL). Rest for 10-15 minutes, rehydrate and rest.
  • Walk for approximately 2 hours. Arrive at Pos 2 “Montong Satas” (1500m AMSL). We will take a 60-90 minute lunch-break in Pos 2 where porters and guide/s will prepare a hot meal, plus tea & coffee. This is an excellent opportunity to stretch, rest and rehydrate.
  • Walk for approximately 1 hour. Arrive at Pos 3 “Mondokan Lokak” (2000m AMSL). 10-15 minutes rest at Pos 3, before continuing onto the crater rim.
  • Approximately 2 hours walking from Pos 3 to the crater rim “Plawangan Senaru” (2641m AMSL).
  • It takes around 2 hours to hike to the crater rim from Pos 3, depending on fitness levels and how many impromptu breaks we take.
  • Once you arrive at Plawangan Senaru your porters and guide/s will erect tents and start preparing dinner. On arrival we suggest you change into warm clothes, as temperatures drop dramatically at night. You will be free to stroll around the crater rim, take photos, or just lie down and relax in your tent. We will have dinner whilst watching sunset from one of Lombok’s greatest viewpoints. Afterwards you can either go to bed or watch the sky come alive with enchanting stars!

Day 2

Senaru Crater Rim > Lake > Sembalun Crater Rim

(Approximately 7 hours walking, 633m descent, 876m ascent)
  • 7:30am – Breakfast at the crater rim campsite.
  • 8:30am – Descend down to Lake Segara Anak (2008m AMSL) – 2 hours walking.
  • 10:30am – Arrive at Lake Segara Anak. Have a rest-break, snack and tea/coffee.
  • 11am – Walk to the thermal springs (10 minutes’ walk from the lake). Bathe and relax in the rejuvenating hot thermal springs.
  • 11:45am – Return to the lake for lunch (which the porters will have been preparing). Relax and rest, or wander around the shore of the lake.
  • 1pm – Commence the hike to Sembalun Crater Rim (basecamp for Rinjani summit). This part of the route takes approximately 3 hours. It is steep in parts, and requires caution. Your guide/s will assist you where required.
  • 4pm –Arrive at Sembalun Crater Rim campsite (Plawangan Sembalun), 2884m AMSL. Porters and guide/s set-up camp and prepare dinner.
  • 5pm –Enjoy the views over the lake and up to the summit as the sun comes down. We recommend an early night.

Day 3

Sembalun Crater Rim > Summit > Sembalun

(Approximately 10 hours trekking, 1042m ascent, 2757m descent)
  • 2am – Wake up, have a hot drink and light breakfast/snack.
  • 2:30am – Leave camp and commence ascent to summit. 3-4 hours of hard climbing, with short rest breaks as they are needed. The terrain is steep and soft under foot (volcanic sand and loose rocks). The last hour is especially hard and exposed to the elements in places. Warm clothing is mandatory, including a jacket, gloves and warm hat. We recommend you layer-up before starting the ascent and remove layers if you become too hot (not the other way around!). .
  • 5:30-06:00am – Reach the summit (3726m / 12,224ft), hopefully in time to see the sunrise over Lombok! When the sky is clear, from the summit you can see Segara Anak (the crater lake), Mt Agung (Bali), Sumbawa and the three Gili Isles (Trawangan, Meno, & Air).
  • 7am – Descend back down to camp, stopping to take photographs on the way.
  • 9am – Arrive back at the campsite (Plawangan Sembalun) where you will have a second breakfast.
  • 10am – Commence the walk down the mountain. This usually takes 5-6 hours, depending on how people are feeling after the exertion of reaching the summit. It is predominantly downhill but this can be slow in steep sections.
  • 3pm – Arrive back in Sembalun Village, where Rinjani Dawn Adventures transport will be waiting. Drive back to RDA office in Senaru
  • 4pm – Arrive back in Senaru. Say goodbye to your wonderful guide/s and porters. Collect any personal luggage from our office storage space. Meet driver/s for transfer toward your next destination.

Day 4

Sembalun Crater Rim > Summit > Sembalun

(Approximately 10 hours trekking, 1042m ascent, 2757m descent
  • 2am – Wake-up, have a hot drink and bite to eat.
  • 2:30am – Leave basecamp and start the ascent to Mount Rinjani’s summit. Please note you will be starting in the dark, so it will be necessary to use torches and stay within the group. It’s important also to wear sufficient warm clothing, including hats and gloves. These can be taken off if you get too warm, but it’s important not to start the hike cold. Most people warm-up pretty quickly during the uphill sections!
  • The ascent to Mount Rinjani’s summit takes 3-4 hours on average. Apart from one section of ridgeline, the ground is soft (as it comprises sandy volcanic tephra and small loose rocks). This means the going is slow but steady. We recommend trekking poles for all of our packages, but they will come in especially handy during the climb to the summit.
  • 5:30am – Our intention is to reach the summit in time to watch sunrise. But this will depend on individual fitness levels and weather conditions. Your guide will be carrying a hot thermos for short stops on the way to the summit, but it is generally best to keep moving (as it can be cold in the early morning).
  • 6:30am – Walk back down to basecamp (Plawangan Sembalun). This usually takes 2 hours.
  • 9:30am –Start the walk off the mountain towards Semablun Village. Although this is mostly a downhill journey, it still takes time. The group will take scheduled breaks, and impromptu hydration and rest breaks.
  • 12:30pm –Lunch.
  • 2:30pm –Arrive back in Sembalun and meet awaiting RDA transport. It is possible that you will arrive either before or after this time, but 2:30 pm is our average.
  • 4pm –Arrive back at Rinjani Dawn Adventures office, Senaru. Say farewell to your porters and guide. Redeem any luggage you have left with us at our office. Transport to onward location.

Tour Review Scores And Score Breakdown

See these reviews from former clients of Rinjani Dawn Adventures



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  • Gerald G
    September 2, 2017

    Best Climbing Experience money can buy!
    My friend and I took the 3D2N Summit Climbing package from Senaru, and we were impressed with the professionalism and high standard of service provided by Rinjani Dawn Adventures! …Big shoutout to Sardi and the Rinjani Dawn team!

    Overall Guides & Porters Equipment & Meals Value for Money Good Vibes!
  • Alex. H
    August 7, 2017

    Rinjani was one of the best experience I ever had in my life, and I’m sure it’s because of our amazing guide Awan and our porters. Everything was perfect !

    I booked with Rinjani Dawn Adventure because some of my friends recommended it.
    There were all so nice to us, the food is so yummy (better than some restaurants in Bali !!), they have everything for you (warm jackets, gloves…)

    My friends and I are vegetarians and vegans, they have been really comprehensive with this !
    Awan, our guide, has this lovely smile that I will never forget. I wish I could come back again, do this Rinjani trek a second time with him 🙂 (but right now my legs hurt too much… 😉 ! )

    Overall Guides & Porters Equipment & Meals Value for Money Good Vibes!
  • Elise. T
    July 11, 2017

    Wow. Way better than the other companies we saw……The food was incredible. I am gluten free vegetarian and it was a perfect balance of proteins veggies fruit and carbs. Best food we had in Indonesia seriously and i lived here for 2 years. Also other guides took their groups to crowded places……Whenever it was too crowded JERRY found a good spot, including a hot spring waterfall where we were the only ones.

    The company itself though was worth it for us. We are avid campers and used to preparing things ourselves, but when else can you glamp on the side of a volcano?

    Overall Guides & Porters Equipment & Meals Value for Money Good Vibes!
  • Olivia B.
    May 29, 2017

    Rinjani Dawn Adventures- best company around!

    I recently climbed mount rinjani (3 day, 2 night trip) with Rinjani Dawn Adventures. We were a group of 10 friends so they organised a private group trek for us including pick up at the port, accommodation the night before and then a boat to Gili Islands after.

    It was incredibly well run and our two guides were so helpful and encouraging the whole way. A few of our group needed to turn back half way due to illness and they facilitated this with ease.

    We had three hot meals a day cooked by the porters with lots of fresh fruit, Tim tams, pocari and cereal bars as snacks along the way. This is a lot more than most other companies provide. Angus and the team are also really good at collecting all the rubbish and bringing it back down the mountain- it’s so sad that not everyone shares this philosophy.

    We also had bigger tents with a porch compared to most other companies too with thick roll mats and pillows. There was plenty of equipment available for us to borrow for free too. Most of us needed hiking sticks, head torches and warm jackets and they were able to provide enough for us all.

    Overall I would highly highly recommend this company. Really friendly and willing to go out of their way to deliver a truly personalised experience that’s great value for money. The trek is really tough and going with such a capable and reliable team really was essential and made our whole experience a definite highlight of our trip to Indonesia.

    Thanks again!

    Overall Guides & Porters Equipment & Meals Value for Money Good Vibes!
  • Alejandro
    September 8, 2014

    Perfect experience!!

    ….I only have grateful words for these people and I would totally recommend anyone hiring the trekking with them. 🙂

    Overall Guides & Porters Equipment & Meals Value for Money Good Vibes!
  • Meg Brond
    May 25, 2014

    “A crazy out of body experience that I would do again!”
    “Climbing the mountain is one thing. It honestly is physically and mentally challenging! The thing that makes this company preferable is it surrounds you with the culture of Lombok as well.
    I spoke to many others in different groups that also climbed the mountain and none of them said they had as much of a personal relation with their guides as we did.
    This climb changed my life, I know it all sounds very cliché but you are never going to understand what I mean until you do it”.

    Overall Guides & Porters Equipment & Meals Value for Money Good Vibes!

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3 day / 2 night Mount Rinjani Summit & Lake Trek

From: $230.00

Tour Plan Route 2: Start in Sembalun & finish in Senaru. Summit on second day


Day 1 – Sembalun > Sembalun Crater Rim(4)

(Approximately 7 hours walking, 1700m ascent)
  • Transport from the RDA office in Senaru Village to Sembalun (we will collect you from Sembalun, should you be staying there).
  • Registration at RTC Sembalun.
  • Start your 4 day / 3 night Rinjani Summit trek from Sembalun village (969m).
  • Trek for approximately 7 hours. There will be multiple rest-stops along the way, including a 1-1.5 hour lunch break, where your porters and guides will cook some delicious food.
  • 4-5pm – Arrive at Sembalun Crater Rim campsite (also referred to as Plawangan Sembalun & “basecamp”). This sits around 2684m elevation, depending on where on the ridgeline we set-up camp for the night.

Day 2

Sembalun Crater Rim > Summit > Lake

(Approximately 8 hours walking; 1,042m ascent, 640m descent)
  • 2am – Guides will wake you up with a hot drink, and a light breakfast.
  • 2:30am – Leave basecamp, and start the climb to Mount Rinjani summit. It’s important to wear warm layers when we start, including hats and gloves. These can be taken-off as you warm-up, but as we will be leaving early in the morning it is likely to be cold, especially if there is a wind blowing.
  • It takes on average three to four hours to reach the summit. The going will be slow but steady, as the terrain is steep and soft (volcanic sand / tephra).
  • 5:30-6apm – We aim to reach the summit as the sun is coming-up over Lombok. Experience the amazing sense of achievement of reaching one of Indonesia’s highest peaks. Admire the views over the crater lake towards Bali, as well as neighbouring Sumbawa to the West. Have a hot cup of coffee / tea, and a snack.
  • 7am – Return to basecamp. This is far easier than the walk up, and takes between 1 and 2 hours.
  • 9am – Breakfast on Plawangan Sembalun. This will be leisurely, as the second part of the day will just involve descending down to the crater lake. Have a rest, and perhaps a little nap.
  • 12pm – Lunch, followed by packing-up camp, and starting the walk down to the crater lake. The walk down to the crater lake is steep in parts, so you will have to take-care and ask your guide for a hand if you are not confident.
  • 3pm (approx.) – Arrive at lake Segara Anak. Have a rest and snack whilst the porters and guide set-up camp.
  • 3:30-4pm - Visit the thermal springs that are a short 15-20 minute walk from the campsite. Bathe and relax in these warm waters.
  • 6pm – Dinner by the lake.

Day 3

Lake > Senaru Crater Rim

(Approximately 4 hours walking; 633m ascent)
  • 8:30am – Wake-up, have breakfast.
  • 9:30am – Explore the lake and go to the hot springs for a shower / bath.
  • 11:30am – Pack-up camp and commence hike to Senaru Crater Rim (with rest breaks en route).
  • 3:30pm – Arrive at Senaru Crater Rim, set up camp.
  • 6pm – Dinner at Senaru Crater Rim, watch the sunset.
  • Evening stargazing and sleep!

Day 4

Senaru Crater Rim > Senaru

(Approximately 5 hours walking; 2040m descent)
  • 7:30am – Breakfast at Senaru Crater Rim.
  • 9am – Commence walk off the mountain, back to Senaru village and Rinjani Dawn Adventures office./li>
  • The walk down from Senaru Crater Rim involves 1 to 1½hrs on the open hill, and 3-4 hours walking down through the forest (on an established path). You will take regular rest breaks for snacks and rehydration.
  • We will stop for lunch in the rainforest, breaking for roughly one hour.
  • 2pm – Arrive at RTC Senaru. Depending on how many breaks you have taken, we expect you will arrive back at our office between 2 and 3pm. When back at our office you will be able to bid farewell to your porters and guide, and redeem any luggage you have left with us.
  • Transport to onward destination (as pre-arranged).
You don't have permission to register