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Mount Rinjani 2 Day / 1 Night Summit

There are countless reasons to love Lombok. From the perfect waves and serene beaches in the South, to the coral waters and laid-back vibe of the Gili Islands. Wherever you are on the island, Mt. Rinjani dominates the skyline.

Mount Rinjani 2 Day / 1 Night Summit

$199 per person
2 Days 1 Night
Mt Rinjani

List price is based on a tour for a group of two or more people, fully catered, with personal guide and porters. If you are a large group, we can offer you the discounted rates of $180 per person (group booking of 4-8) or $169 (group booking of 8+). If you are a couple and want a private trek, please contact us for a quote. If you are booking as an individual, we will have to check to see if we have a group leaving on the date specified that you can join. Please read on for information about this awesome tour:

The Mount Rinjani 2 day / 1 night Summit package is designed for people wanting to climb Lombok’s most epic peak in the shortest time possible, leaving plenty more holiday time to experience all that this extraordinary island has to offer. This Rinjani trekking package starts and finishes in Sembalun village, East Lombok. On day 1 you will trek up to Sembalun Crater Rim, a magical ridgeline campsite that overlooks lake Segara Anak and the active volcano, Mt Barujari. On day 2 you will awake at 2am, have breakfast and commence your trek to the summit of Mount Rinjani. After watching sunrise from 12,224ft / 3726m, you will return to the campsite at Sembalun Crater Rim for brunch and then commence the walk off the mountain back to Sembalun Village.

Why climb Mt Rinjani?

At 12,224ft / 3,726m Mount Rinjani is one of Indonesia’s highest peaks. It is also one of the most beautiful, with panoramic views at many stunning vantage points. Climbing Gunung Rinjani represents a real challenge, one that will leave you with a genuine sense of achievement and fond memories. It is not a technically difficult mountain to climb, the path is well established and no ropes are required. However, the elevation gain over a relatively short distance means a steep gradient and prolonged ascents. With a moderate level of fitness, the right attitude and a willingness to succeed we believe most people can reach the summit of this beautiful mountain. We have the best team of guides and porters to assist you on this journey.

Why choose Rinjani Dawn Adventures?

Rinjani Dawn Adventures has a 100% safety record for Rinjani trekking. We use the best porters and guides and have the best equipment on the mountain. We offer nutritious food, and have strong policies on protecting the environment. We take all of our rubbish off the mountain and remove existing rubbish whenever possible. We’re also a socially conscious operator, working with the community in Senaru to rebuild earthquake damaged houses, provide clean drinking water and food to those most affected (please see our Sasak Warriors page for more information on our community projects initiative).

Travel & Accommodation

Rinjani Dawn Adventures can arrange accommodation in Senaru the night before the trek at additional cost. We offer transport from hotels on North Lombok free of charge (please refer to our travel zone map). Should you be staying on mainland Lombok and do not want to stay in Senaru or Sembalun the night before the trek, we can arrange an early collection from your hotel.


Inspirock Trip Planner

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  • Departure/Return Location
    Rinjani Dawn Adventures office, Senaru.
  • Departure Time
  • Return Time
    5pm (day 2). Times can vary depending on group fitness levels.
  • What guests should bring
    Please refer to our equipment list and packing guide. As the porters and guides carry the camping and cooking equipment, you should be able to carry everything you personally need in a 30-40L day-pack.
  • Included
    Bottled water, Tea & Coffee
    Camping Equipment
    Entrance fee
    Loan jackets/gloves/beanies (subject to availability)
    Luggage Storage
    Meals & Snacks
    Tour Guide & Porter/s
    Transport to and from departure/return point in Zone 1 (refer to travel zones for alternative regions/costs)
    Trekking Poles
  • Not Included
    Free RDA Buff
    Lunch at Cafe Rinjani Dawn
    Senaru Waterfalls: Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep
    Tour guide
    Transport to and from departure/return point outside of Zone 1 (refer to travel zones for alternative regions/costs)
    Travel Insurance
    Visit to Sendang Gile waterfall in Senaru

Tour Plan


Day 1 – Climbing to Sembalun Crater Rim

(Approximately 7 hours trekking, 1700m ascent)
  • Travel from the Rinjani Dawn Adventures office in Senaru to Sembalun Village (if you are staying in Sembalun we will collect you from your hotel).
  • Registration at the Rinjani Information Centre.
  • Commence your Mount Rinjani 2 day / 1 night Summit trek from the start-point in Sembalun Village (969m altitude).
  • Trek for approximately 2 hours. Arrive at “Pos 1” or “Pemantuan” (1300m altitude). Rest for 15-20 minutes, have some refreshments and snacks.
  • Trek for approximately 1 hour. Arrive at “Pos 2” or “Tengengean” (1500m altitude). Rest for 15-20 minutes, also includes refreshments and snacks.
  • Trek for approximately 1 hour. Arrive at “Pos 3” or “Pada Balong” (1800m altitude). 1 hour lunch-break. Our amazing porters and guide will prepare a nutritious hot meal, tea and coffee.
  • Commence the climb to Sembalun Crater Rim campsite (also known as Plawangan Sembalun). This is the hardest part of day 1 and involves a steep ascent for around 3 hours. But there will be impromptu rest-points along the way, where you can re-hydrate and snack as needed. Sembalun Crater Rim campsite sits at around 2684m elevation (depending on which part of the campsite we camp on). It offers spectacular views of Mount Rinjani’s Summit, as well as lake Segara Anak and Mt Barujari (the active volcano that sits in the crater lake).
  • Once at Sembalun Crater Rim campsite your guide and porters will set-up tents and start preparing dinner (a delicious hot meal). We pride ourselves on the food we provide for our customers and can accommodate certain dietary restrictions. You can use this time to relax, admire the view with a hot drink, take photos and explore the ridgeline.
  • After dinner we recommend you get an early night (as you will be getting up at 2am to commence the summit trek). We use comfortable mattresses and high-quality tents that support a good night’s rest!

Day 2 – Summit Climb & Return

(Approximately 10 hours trekking, 1042m ascent, 2757m descent
  • 2am – Wake-up, have a light breakfast and hot drink.
  • 2:30am – Leave Sembalun Crater Rim campsite (basecamp) and commence trek to Mt Rinjani Summit.
  • The trek to the summit of Mount Rinjani takes around 3-4 hours. The terrain is steep and often soft under-foot (the path consists of gravelly volcanic sand which makes it hard-going and can be compared to climbing a steep sand-dune at times!). Temperatures heading to the summit can vary, but if it is windy there can be a significant wind-chill effect. We recommend wearing many layers of clothing when you commence the trek to the summit, and take layers off if you become too hot. Warm hat or beanie and gloves are mandatory. Please refer to our packing guide and frequently asked questions for more information about equipment. We have a limited stock of jackets, hats and gloves that our customers can borrow free of charge, but we recommend you bring your own thermal layers.
  • 5:30am – We aim to be on the summit of Mt Rinjani for 5:30-6:00 am – in time to watch the sunrise over Lombok. The views from the summit of Mt Rinjani are exceptional and you can often see a distant Mt Agung (on the neighbouring island of Bali), the 3 Gili Isles (Gili Air, Gili Meno & Gili Trawangan) and neighbouring Sumbawa from this stunning viewpoint. But it will be chilly until the sun rises, so we will provide a thermos for hot coffee or tea whilst you wait. You will have the opportunity to take photos with your guides and fellow hikers and enjoy the view for roughly 30-45 minutes.
  • 2 hours trekking follow, descending back down to Sembalun Crater Rim campsite (basecamp, Plawangan Sembalun). The walk down from the summit is a lot easier than the trek up! You will have the opportunity to take photos on the way down and admire the views in the light of day.
  • Brunch at basecamp (Sembalun Crater Rim campsite). Your porters will be waiting for you at the campsite. They will prepare a well-deserved cooked brunch and coffee & tea for you on your return from the summit. We will spend around an hour relaxing and having breakfast at this location.
  • Trekking back to Sembalun Village (the start-point of the trek). We will follow the same route that we followed on day one, though in reverse. Although it is downhill, the steepness of the route means we have to take care in certain sections. We recommend that all our customers use trekking poles during the 2 day / 1 night Mount Rinjani trek. We have poles you can borrow if you do not have your own. It takes between 5 and 6 hours to reach Sembalun from the crater rim, depending on your fitness level and how many breaks we take. We will have regular breaks for rest and re-hydration. We will also stop for a hot lunch during your decent.
  • Sembalun to Senaru (and onward location). When we arrive at the finish point, we will have transport waiting. We will drive back to our office in Senaru (approximately 1 hour) where you can recover any luggage you have left in our care. After you have said your farewells to your guide and porters, we will arrange your transport to a pre-arranged drop-off point / hotel.

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