Mandalika Lombok

Mandalika: Lombok’s Emerging Tourism Mecca

The Mandalika tourism development area on the Indonesian island of Lombok is set to become a major tourist destination. With its beautiful beaches, lush jungle and stunning Mount Rinjani volcano, Lombok is a paradise waiting to be discovered. In addition, the new Moto GP track in Mandalika is sure to draw tourists from all over the world. This blog post will tell you all you need to know about this exciting new development area!

Mandalika has been earmarked for tourism development since 2013 and is now seeing massive construction projects as the government moves to make Mandalika a world-class tourist destination. The Mandalika Special Economic Zone will cover an area of 1,800 hectares and include hotels, shopping malls, resorts, golf courses and recreational areas. It is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Mandalika comes from the word Mandalam, which means “a place of rest and relaxation”.


MotoGP Lombok

Mandalika MotoGP

The Mandalika Moto GP track is one of the most exciting new developments in Mandalika. Spanning 5.6 kilometres, this circuit will host the Indonesian Grand Prix from 2021 onwards and put Mandalika firmly on the map for motor racing enthusiasts. The track includes 18 turns, with two long straights and a number of challenging corners. The fast-paced action is sure to be an unforgettable experience for fans of Moto GP racing.


Lombok Beaches and World Class Surf Breaks

Mandalika Beaches

In addition to the Mandalika Special Economic Zone and Moto GP track, Mandalika is also home to stunning natural attractions. White sand beaches offer a perfect place for sunbathing and swimming, while lush jungles provide an opportunity to spot exotic wildlife. Lombok is also home to some world class surf breaks, making it a great spot for surfers of all levels. The most famous surf break is Desert Point, which is located in Sekotong, South West Lombok.


Mount Rinjani National Park

Mount Rinjani Lombok

The nearby Mount Rinjani National Park offers hikers the chance to explore one of Indonesia’s most beautiful volcanoes. Rinjani Dawn Adventures offer fully catered guided treks up Mount Rinjani, as well as day-trips to stunning waterfalls and view points. North Lombok is home to traditional Sasak villages and cultural sites, giving visitors the chance to explore Lombok’s unique culture and history. Mount Rinjani was awarded UNESCO Geopark status in 2018.



The Mandalika tourism development area has been designed with sustainability in mind. Mandalika will feature renewable energy sources, eco-friendly transport options, waste management systems and recycling facilities. Mandalika aims to be a model of sustainability, setting the standard for future development projects.


Mandalika Lombok Hotels

Luxury hotels are already being built in the Mandalika development area, offering visitors the chance to relax in style. The Pullman Lombok Mandalika Resort and Spa is the first five-star hotel to open in Mandalika, set on a stunning stretch of beachfront. Guests can enjoy spa treatments, a fitness centre, two swimming pools and direct access to the Mandalika Moto GP track. Mandalika is also home to several mid-range hotels, offering comfortable rooms at great value for money.

Mandalika is set to be an unmissable destination in Indonesia and beyond, offering visitors a unique experience combining stunning nature, world-class entertainment and sustainable development. Mandalika is approximately three hours from Mount Rinjani in the north, and is an excellent place to relax and recover following a summit trek.


Mandalika Updates

Mandalika Grand Prix Association (MGPA) have announced a variety of events and activities to coincide with the Indonesian Grand Prix. Mandalika will host regional music festivals, international conferences, and even a week-long beach celebration. Mandalika is also home to an interactive theme park, which includes simulations of Moto GP racing and other attractions.


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